Laslo Siladji

Tijana Titin, painter, her third solo exhibition and eternal themes- Love. At her beginnings, author presents an universal state of human spirit through herself. Good start, good direction.
In her painterly statement she starts from the found heritage, which she put into the ambient of the apparently pictorial poverty of expression or, if we invert this meaning, Tijana Titin finds the riches in the Emptiness.

The figures are amorphous and nothing in the drawing is emphasized, we are observing actually a scene of silence and some expectation. Real contrast of pictorial and emotional or, if one reflexes the other, we are in the resonance of Emptiness, in something that is still the biggest in us.
Silver tones next to the fire-red, that fluid moonshine and his fine threads represent the strongest metaphor of the cycles: as the lonely full moon, love shines “not with it’s own shine”, it shines in/to another being, right next to us, but not to Us, it shines in the past or it will shine in some future time, but not now!

Already with one of her first exhibitions, Tijana Titin has something to say, she concentrates us on her painterly pat-position, from which she might go to coloration or stay where she is now, between coloration and achromatic, between emotions and impoverished senses. The artist announces an exciting ride, which only rare ones can give us.

Laslo Siladji, June 2006