Alexander Adams

Serbian painter Tijana Titin’s art seems at home in this former Archiv für Sexualwissenschaft (archive of sexology) of Humboldt University.

Her symbolic compositions of figures in carnal encounters are in settings that range from the non-descript to the heavenly. These Expressionist angels are swerves of rosy impasto. Her drawings are her strongest work. The best of the sparer graphics have rawness and power and her paintings, especially the small ones, which are rapidly improving, seem likely to match her graphics soon.

When Titin escapes the orbit of El Greco and the German Expressionists and broadens her influences, her art may reach greater heights. Her works is playful and occasionally gripping.

A recent solo show has led to the further shows in Berlin and her future looks promising.

Alexander Adams, Magazine “Art of England”, June 2011